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I want to go to a private school and I live in seattle. Do you have any recommendations? I love the uniforms you wore when you went to high school!! Did you go to a private school?

Message me off anon! I love my uniform too and yes I went to private school ahhh I’m going to miss the uniform so much 

I love your blog its unlike anything I've ever seen on tumblr! I love it!! Instant follow XD

Oh wow thank you so much I appreciate it 

I am new in youtube and I love your channel so much and I want to get a good camera. Either I can get a nice camera like the canon t3i or invest in the same camera you have which has really great quality as well. I only have to save a little more for the t3i but I could get the powershot now if i wanted. Do you really recommend the one you have?? pls answer x

Thank you so much! Personally I love the one I have because it’s extremely compact and not only can I use it for filming videos but it also fits really nicely in a small purse and I can use it to vlog / snap pictures whenever. I want to invest in a camera like the Canon T3i eventually, but personally I think the powershot is great for just starting out because it’s amazing quality. This doesn’t really answer your question..